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Reading with Linus Giese

The author reads from his autobiography "I am Linus - How I became the man I always was".

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Bahnhofstrasse 8, 7000 Chur


17.05.2023 at 19:30 o'clock
CHF 15.00
With customer card: CHF 10.00
Books Lüthy Chur

A sentence that sounds like a matter of course - "I am Linus" - but he divides his life into a before and after. In an impressive way, Linus Giese explains why he had to live to be thirty-one years old to say out loud that he is a man and trans and why his life may not be easier today, but it is much happier.

Actually, he has suspected it since he was six years old. But out of concern about how his environment might react and because he lacks terms such as trans, queer, non-binary, Linus conceals for a long time who he really is. With the sentence "I am Linus" in the summer of 2017, his new life begins, which is finally no longer characterized by shame, but by liberation. Linus Giese openly talks about his second puberty, euphoric feelings in the men's department, oppressive visits to the doctor, bureaucratic hurdles, self-doubt, friendship and solidarity, the power of language and digital violence. Since coming out, Linus has been committed to the rights of trans people. Especially on the net, but not only there, he has since encountered hatred again and again. But silence is not an option for him.


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