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Reading with Vincenzo Todisco

Kino Staziun Lavin - Reading with Vincenzo Todisco: The Lizard Child. About the children of Italian seasonal workers in Switzerland. Info & registration: info@staziun-lavin.ch or tel. 079 503 51 10.


08.07.2023 at 20:30 o'clock
Cinema Staziun Lavin

Reading with Vincenzo Todisco: The Lizard Child.

Whispers instead of laughter, eating from plastic plates so that there is no noise, a life without school, without friends – this is how many illegally arrived children of Italian seasonal workers lived in Switzerland around 60 years ago.
The lizard child is at home in Italy and at home in the host country. This is where it has to hide: under the credenza, in the cupboard, in the storage room. In Ripa, on the other hand, the boy, like all children, runs after the ball, chases the wasps outside, slides from one hug to another. There at Nonna Asunta's, where a house is waiting to be finished.
Here in the host country, the father goes to the construction site day after day, the mother to the factory – the lizard child lets hours and days pass. He misses the apartment with his footsteps, hears the neighbors asking for flour, the children play tag in the yard, sees the boots of the padrone, who likes to come to dinner and stays late.

Registration: info@staziun-lavin.ch or 079 503 51 10


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