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Rosset Meyer Geiger (CH), et.nu (CH/FR), Sarah Chaksad Large Ensemble


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Summer Festival

Haldenstein Castle

Schlossweg 4, 7023 Haldenstein


29.07.2023 from 17:30 to 22:00 o'clock
Haldenstein Castle

Sarah Chaksad surprises with compositions for a large formation: The saxophonist and composer has carefully put together her wide-awake Large Ensemble and written the pieces for the musicians. With her ensemble, Chaksad creates a wealth of colors and moods and skilfully incorporates sound spaces for individual instruments, their combinations or for dialogues and poignant solos. She cleverly uses the diversity and flexibility of the excellent musicians who take us on an adventurous and entertaining journey in the best possible way.

The progressive Swiss jazz singer Lea Maria Fries and the sought-after French bassist Julien Herné are together the duo et.nu. Their music documents the life and love story of the musician couple. Written for voice and bass, the two color their independent universe with sounds and noises of everyday objects. In this way, coffee machines, jewellery rattles or vacuum cleaners become sound generators and illustrate, sometimes earthy and raw, sometimes floating and delicate, the stories that the duo tells - amplified on stage by the French drummer Stanislas Augris. Guided by instinct, the band playfully mixes musical styles and lets itself be carried by the energy of the moment. et.nu is simple and honest; therein lies the magic of the band.

Since the beginning, Rosset Meyer Geiger's music has been chamber musically transparent, agile and flowing, breathing the flow in which the musicians find themselves during playing. In the calm and concentration, everyone comes to the fore sometimes more, sometimes less and then fits back into the collective, in which everyone always remains equal. The trio goes one step further with the non-plus-ultra of jazz: free improvisation. Her latest album Live at Marsoel Chur has just been released, a selection of the best improvisations, recorded during three concerts in Chur's Marsoel Hall. Especially here it is not the scheme F that interests the three musicians, but the stimulating and surprising nature of the intuitive interplay. Because the journey into the unknown is and remains the program.


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