Event San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

San Bernardino Hunting Shooting

Saturday, July 22, 2023 hunting returns in the splendid setting of the Mucia Alp south of the San Bernardino Pass!


22.07.2023 at 08:30 o'clock
Registration fee CHF 40.- plus possibly CHF 5.- for group shooting

Saturday, July 22 will be held a real day of "hunting" to spend with those who share this wonderful passion. An adrenaline day in the middle of nature to spend in the company of friends and family with lots of barbecue and buvette!

Categories: deer, chamois, roe deer, fox and marmot

Registration on site on the day of the competition for CHF 40.- plus CHF 5.- if you want to register for group shooting

Shooting times: 08.30-12.30 and 13.00-17.00 (Registration closes at 16.00)!

Lunch from 12.00 and grill in operation from 16.00

Award ceremony at 19.00 in the shed in the Mucia area! Among all the participants present in the hall during the award ceremony, a high hunting license worth CHF 750 will be raffled off.

The regulation is available on: www.tirodicaccia.com/


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