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Schälleria - Lesung in Walser Mundart

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Kulturhuus Schanfigg

Schulhaus, 7057 Langwies


13.10.2022 at 20:00 o'clock
Kulturhuus Schanfigg

Information at www.kulturhuus-schanfigg.ch/, info@kulturhuus-schanfigg.ch or 077 536 68 81.Maintaining

, talking and maintaining "Ünschi Schpraach" is a matter close to the heart of the author Margrith Ladner-Frei. In doing so, she wants to bring joy, revive forgotten things and strengthen and promote awareness of authentic identity.

Margrith Ladner-Frei herself says: With my dialect readings I bring ünschi Schpraach to the people and contribute to the fact that the Walser dialect is not forgotten. Ünschi Schpraach is unique and multifaceted with many small differences from village to village and deserves to be cared for and used. At the same time, I bring entertainment into everyday life with my reading. Entice the audience to laugh, smile and think. It should also be time and opportunity to maintain a lively exchange of ideas with a small Hengert.


I lüpfä dr Deckl va mim Buäch Schälleria und gibä drmit Iiblick in mini Schatzchamärä va Erzellägä, Gädicht und Gschichtä.

Part 1: Erzellägä usm Läbä, us mir Chindheit, va dä Nachpuurä und andrs

meePart 2: Gädicht übr d Liäbi, d Natur, Ärischthafts und LuschtigsTeil

3: Gschichtä übr Allrgattig, waari und wenigr waari, bsinnlächi, ruuchi und

fiiniGaby Mattli and Pepi Jäger from Langwies provide a musical accompaniment to the reading with the Schwyzerörgeli.

Free admission, collection.


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