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Temperatures in the saddle San Bernardino

Temperatures in the saddle, a 400 km long success


S. Bernardino, 6565, Switzerland

Temperatures in the saddle 23-27 July 2024, stage in San Bernardino on 27 July 2024

From the icy La Brévine to the warm Grono 3rd edition

The idea was born a few years ago...
Grono: the municipality with the highest temperature ever recorded in Switzerland
La Brévine: the municipality with the lowest temperature ever recorded in Switzerland
The mayor of Grono: passionate about sports and geography
The mayor of La Brévine: a lover of cycling and nature

08.58 RhB Chur Thusis train departure
9.29 Arrival in Thusis
9.45 a.m. All in the saddle towards Passo del San Bernardino
13.00-14.30 Transit to the San Bernardino Pass
13.30-15.00 Convivial moment in San Bernardino
15.30 Departure from San Bernardino
16.00 Passage from Mesocco
16.15 Passage from Soazza
16.30 Passage from Lostallo
16.45 Passage from the Verdabbio Plains
17.00 Arrival in Grono, Brewery meadow

From 5.00 p.m. Music with the Sanook trio and celebrations
Aperitif and dinner with the Verdabbio Recreational Group


S. Bernardino, 6565, Switzerland

6565 S. Bernardino

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