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At the source of the Rhine

Disentis Sedrun Hiking Region

Tomasee (source of the Rhine), Disentis Sedrun

«He who wants to get to the source must swim against the current». In Disentis Sedrun you may prefer to walk up to Lake Toma, the source of the Rhine. From its source, the Rhine travels 1,320 kilometres until it flows into the sea as a mighty river. The trails in the Disentis Sedrun hiking region are much shorter.

Highlight: Hike to the source of the Rhine

Have you always wanted to see the birth place of the Rhine? Lake Toma can be reached by a comfortable hike from the Oberalp Pass.

Details about the hike
Tomasee (source of the Rhine), Disentis Sedrun

Tip for overnight stays: Maighelshütte (Maighels Hut), 2310 meters above sea level.

This family-friendly hut in Val Maighels is located just above the Lai Urlaun with a view on the «Glatscher da Maighels» and Piz Ravetsch. Early risers can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in the Surselva from the Piz Cavradi.

Discover the Maighels Hut
Maighelshütte, Disentis Sedrun

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