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Natural Experiences to Switch Off and Unwind

There are many ways to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the remote valleys of Graubünden. Some extraordinary experiences to help you switch off are:

Cloister Retreat in Val Müstair

St. Johann in Müstair UNESCO World Heritage Monastery offers six rooms for retreats from everyday life for a few days or weeks. Guests are invited, but not required, to attend the nuns' Liturgy of the Hours and to use the cloister’s church and Chapel of Grace for prayer or reflection. Several times a year, professionally managed fasting weeks are offered.

UNESCO World Heritage Monastery St. Johann in Müstair, Graubünden

Shinrin Yoku in Flims

Shinrin Yoku – in English: forest bathing – is a recognised healing method from Japan. Almost one third of Graubünden is covered in trees, ideal for this new type of wellness. It is offered in Flims by Sandra Schmidt, Director of the Schweizerhof Hotel. Her meditative walks help guests experience the forest with all of their senses.

Forest bathing in Flims (Picture: Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof Flims)

Hike with a Four-legged Guide

Whether donkeys, alpacas or goats – they are all mountainous, hardy and cuddly, making them perfect hiking companions. Since they can also be stubborn, bipeds must adapt their pace to their four-legged friends. This is usually more leisurely: The animals don't like to miss a snack at the roadside and if they hear rustling in the undergrowth, they will stop and prick up their ears.

Geisstrekking in der Val Medel

Alpine Holiday in Naturpark Beverin, Viamala

High on the Schamserberg, far from the nearest village, lies Alp Nurdagn agritourism farm. Since last summer, guests can spend the night in the former barn and have their meals in the Alpbeizli (Alpine café bar). Although remote, it can easily be reached by public transport. From the nearest Alpine bus stop it takes only thirty minutes on foot to get there.

Alp Nurdagn (Picture: ZHAW, Frank Brüderli)

Pilgrimage on Jakobsweg in Graubünden

There are many reasons for pilgrimage and they don’t necessarily have to be religious. It’s undisputed that it has a calming effect to walk on foot for several days. The most famous pilgrimage in Europe is the Camino de Santiago, finishing in the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela. Twenty daily stages and over 250 km of this hike lead from east to west, from Müstair to Sedrun, through Graubünden.

Way of St James in Graubünden

Outdoor Yoga on San Romerio in Valposchiavo

Alpe San Romerio offers weekly yoga classes in summer, in the tranquillity of the mountains, at 1800 m above sea level. The purpose-built platform stands in a powerful place amidst untouched nature and offers views of the surrounding mountains. The classes are taught by a Hatha Yoga teacher from the valley. Yogis who want to stay for several days can spend the night in a mountain hut on San Romerio.

Outdoor Yoga San Romerio

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