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Bernina Glaciers / Diavolezza

Experience the fascination of glaciers in the Bernina Glaciers adventure territory located between the Engadin and Valposchiavo. Glaciers, energy and time combine to give visitors a fantastic experience of natural wonders and unique attractions.

The focus is on the eternal ice, along with an unparalleled view of the Bernina Massif from the Diavolezza mountain top station. The easiest glacier walking route to the Morteratsch Glacier is via the theme path or Cavaglia Glacier Garden; a must visit attraction.

The many highlights are linked and are easily reached with the Rhaetian Railway’s spectacular Bernina Line, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. During the train journey, visitors will cross weather, cultural and linguistic borders, discover natural scenery, unique accommodation, a variety of hiking and biking trails, and delicious food.

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Bernina Glaciers / Diavolezza

Verein Bernina Glaciers
c/o Pontresina Tourismus
7504 Pontresina

Phone +41 81 838 73 73


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