The Cheese Maker with Poetry in his Blood.

Martin Bienerth

Sennerei Andeer
In the Andeer alpine dairy, Martin Bienerth, Maria Meyer and their team process about 400,000 litres of milk from five family farms per year. For 20 summers, Martin Bienerth worked on different Swiss alps. He settled in Andeer; 2011 he and his wife Maria Meyer took over the «Stizun da Latg», where 20 different kinds of organic cheeses are sold. «Floh», which is what the idealist and visionary calls himself, also works as a photographer and author. He shows the Alps from his point of view in his books.
Kühe beim Alpspektakel im Prättigau

In Andeer many things differ from the rest of Switzerland. This is why Martin Bienerth has been giving farmers an additional Rappen per litre of milk for horned cows since 2005. The native of Allgäu is convinced that a cows horns are not only functional but also a symbol of beauty.


Five local farmers deliver 400,000 litres of milk to the alpine dairy each year. The short distances are also a reason for the extraordinary quality of the 20 different kinds of cheese at Andeer. Because each movement decreases the quality of the milk, and later of the cheese as well.

Andeer dairy

For Martin Bienerth and Maria Meyer (picture: on the left), not only the cheese but also the mountain village Andeer is at the centre of everything. After all, the cheese is a result of various regional gears that interlock: food rich in herbs, happy cows, dedicated farmers, innovative ideas from the alpine dairy tea and of course customers that appreciate it all.

Einheimische Produkte, wie hier von der Käserei in Andeer.

Martin Bienerth´s second big passion is writing and photography. What else would he have done during the winter months, back in the day when he was an alpine inhabitant in the mountains? He tries to give a wide audience insight to his alpine impressions through his words and pictures. In October 2014, he published his third book «Alpsicht».

Cheese production in the Andeer dairy

Normally, cheese does not need additional packaging. The rind protects the delicate insides well, as long as it consists of an optimal balance of bacteria, moulds and yeast. The daily «smearing» of the fresh cheeses aids the rind formation.

Cheese factory Andeer

Before Andeerer SäumerChäs, Andeerer Gourmet, Andeerer Schmuggler or Andeerer Christall are being sold, they are stored anywhere from three to eighteen months. The cellar in Andeer was tried and tested over 400 years ago and its natural stone walls still provide ideal conditions today. By the way, did you know that the world champion «Andeerer Traum» was also made in this dairy?