The Car-free Mountain Village.

Braggio in Portrait

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Braggio is tiny. It counts as little as 50 citizens, and it is connected to a cable. There are only two ways for people to reach this village in Calancatal: The first one is walking there along the old «Saumweg», and the second one is with the tiny little red cable car.
Bauer im Bergdorf Braggio im Val Calanca, Graubünden

The Braggios in Calancatal are isolated mountain people. What happens in such a place during the day time? There are not many job opportunities in such a village.  Most people work in agriculture or on the cable car. Many villagers also work in in the valley or at bordering Tessin. They are only able to enjoy the peace of their village during their free time, but as a visitor you can stay as long as you wish.

Cat in the mountain village of Braggio in Val Calanca, Graubünden

Again? Some strangers in our forest? Well, I have to admit, we really do have a lot of things to offer. We put a hold on the hectic world in the cities and offer courses in weaving as well as discovery journeys and plenty of hiking opportunities. But now I have to go, I need to catch some more mice. How exciting! I would however prefer to lay on one of the traditional wooden ovens in our small village houses and purr. 

Bergdorf Braggio in Val Calanca, Graubünden

Here, different eras are colliding: Centuries ago the old traditional houses were built, but it wasn’t until the last century that electricity came to the villages. This innovation changed the daily life of the village, but at the same time made things easier. Without electricity, Braggio, would have been a forgotten village. 

Mountain village Braggio

The Calancatal offers a variety of churches and chapels. The parish church in Braggio is the result of a quarrel amongst the villagers. The 2 parties wanted to build the church in 1689, but each party wanted it on their side of the village. In the end, they put the church in the eastern part of the village – located at the best viewpoint. The competition in form of a chapel almost pushed this masterpiece back into a forgotten time. But thank god, this beautiful masterpiece has already been renovated.

Braggio mountain village

Locals as well as recent settlers, have found a new meaning on how to make a living with the help of tourism. They started breeding Rätisch Grey Cattle, so that every spring there is a new batch of lambs and calves – a perfect attraction for families with children. Old premises were renovated. Thus, flats and rooms for tourists were created. You will also able to buy organic farmer products such as Salsicia and Formaggini (Italian sausage and cheese), to extend your holiday for a little longer in your own four walls.

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Farmer in the Calanca valley

Accommodation. Braggio Agriturismo

Braggio Agriturismo rents beautiful holiday flats in Braggio.