Prättigau Alp Spectacle

Prättigauer Alp Spektakel
The Great Autumn Descent from the Alp, alpine cheese tasting, an alpine and specialty market, a cattle show, the coronation of the Queen of the Alp, and the Älpler [Alpine inhabitants] Olympics inspire locals and visitors alike.

Like everywhere in Graubünden, in Prättigau the cows are decorated with flowers and bells to celebrate the occasion of the Great Descent from the Alps. The tinkling sounds coming from the animals spread a rustic atmosphere, creating a prelude to the greatest carnival in Prättigau.

Ziegen beim Alpabzug

Besides cows, the Prättigauer also drive their goats down into the valley in autumn. A real rarity from Graubünden are the black and white banded goats, a mountain species that is extremely affectionate. Even after a long summer spent high in the Alps the goats retain their affection.

Kühe beim Alpabzug am Prättigauer Alp Spektakel

Part of the Spectacle is the suspense of waiting for the coronation of the Queen of the Alp – the most beautiful cow in Prättigau. The social aspects are not neglected in the Prättigau Alp Spectacle either. The alpine and specialty market, the Älpler Olympics and other festivities ensure a great atmosphere.

Schafe beim Alpabzug am Prättigauer Alp Spektakel

After a long summer on lush alpine meadows, not all the animals feel like leaving. This young mirror-sheep with the characteristic «glasses» is certainly not wanting to leave behind his cosy spot in the meadows. Like the banded goat, this tough resistant breed of sheep also comes from Graubünden.

Kinder schwingen am Prättigauer Alp Spektakel

The younger folks at the Alp Spectacle remain full of energy, testing their strength against each other in the sport of «Schwingen», a Swiss variant of wrestling. The rustic Swiss national sport is well received in Prättigau.