Where the Culture of the Ancestors Is Still Alive.


Tenna, Safiental
When the Walser people left their home during the 13th and 14th century, with all their belongings from the upper Rhonetal, to find new ground, some settled down in a side valley of Vorderrheins. They called their new home the Safien valley. For 800 years their ancestors have been living here, still following the ancient traditions.
The Safien Valley

During the night, fog sneaks over the land. In the early hours the fog slowly vanishes and the sun signals the beginning of a new day. A new beautiful sunny day in the Safien valley! For the locals it means they have to take care of the stable, for tourists this means that they have to get their hiking shoes ready and start their journey. One of the best spots is where the valley starts: The «Ruinaulta», the wild gorge of the «Swiss Grand Canyon», a sheer wonder of Mother Nature.

Safier Stall Camana

Old stables help make the scenery even more memorable in the Safien valley. They are landmarks of tradition and proof of handcraftsmanship. As a sign of respect for their ancestors, the locals take care of the old stables which are no longer in use. Traditional wooden fences (Stegelzunn) used by the shepherds, to mark grazing grounds, are also a sign of their tradition. A good example of a «Stegelzuun» can be found behind the church of Thalkirch. Original Walser Design!

Ziegen in Graubünden

I am so full... I do not want anymore grass. Where are they? It is time to be milked. How would that sound in «Safiertütsch» (local dialect), when the farmers collect their goats? Because here in the Safien valley, people still speak the Alemannic tongue. From the milk they collect they make excellent goat cheese. And it goes perfectly with the local bee honey!

Solarskilift Tenna

Two additional cables for a ski lift? Engineers will be confused. Why? The man operating the lift explains «To produce electricity». Both cables are connected to 246 solar panels. The awarded solar-ski-lift! It produces 3 times as much electricity as it actually needs. In the Safien valley, progress meets tradition and they go perfectly hand in hand.