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100 % Valposchiavo

Kräuterverarbeitung im Valposchiavo
Over 90 % of the agricultural land in Valposchiavo - a southern valley of Graubünden - is cultivated by certified organic farms. For the most part, the raw materials are still processed in the valley itself into fine specialities such as pizzoccheri, ring breads or ricotta cheese. In April 2016, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) awarded the "100 % Valposchiavo" project for the achievement of "creating lasting added value for sustainable development in mountain areas in an innovative way".
Der Kräuterkönig von Valposchiavo Reto Raselli

Retro Raselli is famous for his bio-herbal honey from Switzerland. He has been growing different herbs in Valposchiavo for years. Completely organic! Chemical pesticides are strictly forbidden on his farm in the small village of Le Prese.

Herbal tea King Raselli from the Valposchiavo, Grisons

Tea for everyone’s taste: From refreshing mint to calming chamomile. The Raselli family also produces herbs for the famous herb candies from Ricola as well as many other products. 

Bread in Valposchiavo

Brasciadela, is another famous gourmet specialty coming from the Valposchiavo. These fine Ring Breads are offered in the local bakery as well as every Wednesday at the farmers market in Poschiavo.

Ricotta Käse aus dem Valposchiavo in Graubünden

Ricotta is mainly known from Italy. It is therefore not surprising that the well-known cheese is also processed in the Italian-speaking Valposchiavo.


Known far beyond the valley of Valposchiavo are the Pizzoccheri. The secret of this culinary delicacy is most likely the simplicity with which they are made: Buckwheat noodles, potatoes, vegetables, cheese and a little bit of sage. Nothing more is needed, to create a local as well as international specialty.

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Raselli Erboristeria Biologica

Offer. Dolce Vita 100 % Valposchiavo

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San Romerio Kirche, Valposchiavo

Region. Valposchiavo

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