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Viamala Hiking Region

Heinzenberg, Viamala

The impressive Viamala Gorge and Europe’s richest castle countryside, the Domleschg, welcome hikers who enter the Viamala region from the north. In the south, Splügen and San Bernardino have a Mediterranean flair. They offer a diversity of history, tradition and culture amidst a unique natural landscape at the young Hinter Rhine. The Romanic-speaking villages at the Schamserberg and in Zillis lie in contrast to the Walser settlements in Avers and the Rhine forest.

Highlight: ViaSpluga

Whoever takes on the 65 km walk from Thusis to Chiavenna can experience around 2000 years of alpine transportation history.

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Splügen, Viamala
Viamala Gorge
Viamala Gorge
The up to 300m high rock walls make the Viamala Gorge a rocky natural beauty that can be explored via a staircase with 359 steps.
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Our hiking tips for the Viamala region

  • Suretta lakes

    The Suretta lakes are perched on a plateau 700 meters above Splügen, the start and end point of this tour. It is the highlight of the easy circular hike.

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  • Dreibündenstein panorama trail

    The gondola transports hikers uphill to the Brambrüesch high plain directly from the alpine town of Chur. From here, the panorama trail leads to Dreibündenstein and onwards to Feldis.

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Relax in the Andeer mineral spa

Only water, warmth and air: far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the healthy 34 °C warm mineral water infuses the body with new energy.

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Mineral spa, Andeer

Viamala region

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