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Hiking tips for the most beautiful views

Sunrises and Sunsets

Rothorn, Arosa Lenzerheide

Violet clouds, golden yellow hillsides, red mountain peaks: The blaze of colour of the sunrises and sunsets is best enjoyed from a mountain. Combine divine sunrises and sunsets with a hike.

Rothorn Sunrise, Arosa Lenzerheide

Early risers will be rewarded with spectacular views during the 'Rothorn Sunrise' sunrise hike. At 4:30 am, it starts along the mountain railway on the Parpaner Rothorn and from there goes to the eastern summit. From there, the sun emerges from behind the mountain peaks.

Parpan Rothorn, Lenzerheide

Calandahütte SAC, Chur

Popular with bikers and walkers, Calandahütte offers a vision of wonder at a 2073 m altitude - at sunrise, when the veil of mist has cleared and at sunset, when the mountains are bathed in wonderful red tones.

Calandahütte SAC

Flüela Schwarzhorn, Davos Klosters

The postbus takes hikers to the start point of Hiking Route 792 (Flüela Schwarzhorn). After the walk to the summit at sunrise, there is time to enjoy the sun and and let your gaze wander into the distance, towards the Grossglockner and Mont Blanc.

San Romerio, Valposchiavo

On the hillside terrace near San Romerio, hikers get an almost mystical experience of nature. Above all, sunset the sun sinks into the impressive mountain scenery and illuminates the Veltlin and Puschlav valleys in colourful, bright colours.

Chamanna Coaz, Engadin

In the high mountain world of the Engadine stands Chamanna Coaz, a traditional stone hut with a view over a glacier. Start your day on the terrace and enjoy the warm rays of the sun while getting a view of Piz Bernina und Piz Roseg.

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