Chamonna Tuoi.

A Hut That Changes Lives

Aussenansicht von der Chamonna Tuoi (© Switzerland Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)
Chamonna Tuoi is one of the few mountain huts that are also open in the winter season. The winter up here guarantees experiences that change lives.

Chamonna Tuoi

The Tuoi Hut lies at the foot of Piz Buin, around 50 kilometres northeast of St. Moritz. It usually takes around two and a half hours to make the ascent from Guarda on snow shoes, touring skis or even on foot.

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Tuoi terrace meeting point

Treffpunkt Tuoi-Terrasse (© Switzerland Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)


The hearty smell of fresh rösti gradually gives way to sweeter notes, as people start to meet on the sun terrace in the afternoon. Whether it’s mountaineers making the descent from the peaks or the last few daytrippers coming up from the valley below – the Tuoi Hut welcomes them all. For one group, it’s a well-earned finishing point; for another, it’s a starting point for fantastic tours – or, of course, it can be both.

... over open terrain and through a backdrop that is only revealed in winter.

Christian Wittwer

As a mountain guide, Christian knows how to help to ensure his guests are happy. In this respect, he doesn’t see the challenge of his new job as being all that different from that of his old one. The hut warden has been cooking on the Tuoi and making his guests happy – accommodating as many as 14,000 of them already – for the past four years.

Bergführer Wittwer beim kochen (© Switzerland Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)
We are there for our guests up to 16 hours a day, and my team and I really love this job.

Christian Wittwer hut warden at the Tuoi Hut

More than just bratwurst - the four-course menu includes some surprises, and...

Stars as far as the eye can see

Crisp and clear winter nights offer the ideal conditions for stargazing. Up here, far away from urban light pollution, hundreds more stars can be seen than from towns and cities. Hut warden Christian is used to this spectacle of course, but even he finds himself stopping to marvel at the sky every evening and every morning.

Starry sky above the Tuoi Hut (© Switzerland Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)

Piz Buin, just a stone’s throw away

Just 2,000 metres as the crow flies – that’s how close the Tuoi Hut is to Piz Buin. But as close as it may be, it is also a steep climb to get there, as you can see if you take a good look at a map of the area. There is a difference of more than 1,000 metres in altitude between the hut and the summit above. The ski tour on Piz Buin isn’t the easiest, but is very varied, with some really impressive views of the sea of peaks.

For me, the mountains mean experiences, freedom and adventure.

Christian Wittwer hut warden at the Tuoi Hut

10 steps to Piz Buin

Aufstieg zum Piz Buin (© Switzerland Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)

Far-ranging views reaching 200 kilometres into the distance

Geography and weather conditions play a significant role in determining how far you can see into the distance. On Piz Buin, it’s not an uncommon occurrence to also be able to see the highest mountain in Switzerland, the Dufourspitze, despite the fact that this is 200 kilometres away. 
In contrast – practically just a stone’s throw away – the Bernina Range, including the summit of the same name, the highest mountain east of Gotthard, can be seen to the south.

View from Piz Buin looking south
I’m often the first one to venture into the fresh snow. It’s such a privilege to be able to live up here.

Christian Wittwer hut warden at the Tuoi Hut

... since you'd never want to leave.

New plans

Back at the hut, guests chat about what they’ve seen and experienced that day, and any aches and pains are dispelled by plain and simple contentment. Here, new plans are made, since the Silvretta region has a whole host of mountains and tours just waiting to be discovered. These all have one thing in common: they all help to restore visitors’ energy levels, enabling them to return to everyday life newly invigorated.

Chamonna Tuoi (© Switzerland Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)
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