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Visitor Pavilion World's Heritage Sardona

How did old rock layers come to be on top of younger ones? What is the connection between continental plates and mountain formation? The answers to these questions and background information regarding the biggest rock avalanche of the Alps, can be found in the new Visitor Pavilion, opened during the summer season, directly near to the Segne Lodge, at 2102 meters above sea level.

See, marvel, understand

A journey through time, around the formation of the UNESCO World's Heritage Sardona Tectonic Arena. What did the world look like, as the rock avalanche descended, as the main thrust was still active or as the Verrucano rocks emerged? Inquisitive visitors can find the answer to these questions in the Visitor Pavilion World's Heritage Sardona, near the Segne Lodge.

The Segne Lodge is reachable by the mountain railways, from Flims to Naraus, or with the Nagens Shuttle, from Laax Mountain Railways and after a hiking tour to Segne Lodge. 

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