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Coronavirus: Questions and Answers about Skiing Holidays in Graubünden

Experience heavenly winter days in Graubünden – as always. What’s new are the rules that help us protect each other. Here you can find information on the current situation and answers to the most important questions about COVID-19 in Graubünden. Protect each other, enjoy Graubünden.


Please note that all restaurants (except for restaurants in hotel establishments for hotel guests), cafés and bars are closed until at least 22nd of March 2021.

Outdoor areas of recreational and sports facilities are open. Ski resorts are open, but with limited capacity. Check the available capacities on the website of the corresponding ski resort before you arrive in Graubünden.

Note the general rules concerning behaviour and hygiene that apply in Switzerland.

As a rule:

  • Wear a face mask in publicly accessible indoor areas and outdoor areas of institutions and businesses and on all cable railways (in the vehicle and in queuing/waiting areas) and on public transport
  • Wear a face mask wherever social distancing (1.5 metres) cannot be maintained
  • In indoor areas, including vehicles containing more than one person, every person must wear a face mask
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid shaking hands
  • The protection concepts implemented by service providers rely on individual responsibility and respect among guests

The Federal Council recommends reducing contacts.

The most important questions

    What should be noted when arriving from overseas?

    In Switzerland, anyone arriving from states or regions with a high risk of infection must quarantine for ten days. You must provide evidence on arrival of a negative PCR test conducted no more than 72 hours before your arrival in Switzerland. You then enter a ten-day quarantine. However, you can leave this from the 7th day if you can demonstrate a negative result from a rapid antigen test or PCR test. A negative PCR test result should also be demonstrated for flights from countries that are not considered high-risk areas. This is checked before boarding the plane.

    The list of states or regions with a high infection risk is constantly being updated.

    List of states and regions with an increased risk of infection

    A travel ban applies to the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil until further notice. All people from the stated countries and from Ireland who have arrived after 14/12/2020 must immediately register with the cantonal registration office, enter quarantine for ten days from the date of arrival and, after the 8th day, present a negative PCR test in order to be able to leave their apartment or hotel room.

    Those who travel into Switzerland and are subject to mandatory quarantine are obligated to immediately report to the responsible cantonal authorities.

    Please note: The Canton of Graubünden does not require travellers from other countries to enter quarantine on arrival if they have received two vaccinations for COVID-19 or have previously tested positive to COVID-19 (verifiably within the last three months). Travellers from Brazil, Ireland, United Kingdom and South Africa are excluded from this practice; they must enter quarantine on arrival in all cases.

    Please note that Switzerland is also on the high-risk list in some countries. Travellers must therefore quarantine at home immediately after they return from Switzerland. Please contact the responsible authority in your country for corresponding travel advice.


    Infoline for people travelling to Switzerland:

    T +41 58 464 44 88, daily 6.00 am to 11.00 pm


    Is it possible to go skiing in Graubünden this winter?

    Skiing is possible while following the protective measures against contracting coronavirus. Generally permissible are sports activities performed by individuals or in groups of up to 15 people, without physical contact, outdoors, and provided a face mask is worn or the required distance is maintained. The cable railway companies have taken the necessary precautions in order to implement the requirements of the authorities concerning passenger safety. Capacity limitations have been implemented in the ski resorts. Day guests are urged, wherever possible, to purchase an online ticket in advance.

    Please note the additional protective measures below that have been implemented by the cable railways.

    Please note: The restaurants in the ski resorts are closed until further notice. Many mountain restaurants are offering takeaway options. No more patio seating may be provided.

    Where must masks be worn in Graubünden?

    We recommend wearing a face mask wherever you are unsure whether this is required. Children up to twelve years of age do not have to wear a face mask. With regard to wearing a face mask, we refer to the recommendation by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). There are now “neck gaiters” on the market that fulfil the requirements of FOPH.

    Cable railways

    Guests over the age of twelve and employees wear a face mask in and on all cable railway systems (including chair lifts and ski lifts) and in the waiting and entrance areas (indoors and outdoors). The required social distancing must be observed when queuing.

    It is also recommended to:

    • Keep protective covers open during the journey on chair lifts
    • Buy your ski ticket online where possible
    • Use contactless and cashless payment methods


    All restaurants (incl. cafés and bars) in the Canton of Graubünden, including those in ski resorts, remain closed until at least 22nd of March 2021. Restaurants connected to hotel establishments are excluded from this. However, these can only be visited by hotel guests. Further exceptions apply to takeaways, home deliveries and canteens.

    Many mountain restaurants in the ski resorts are offering takeaway options. No more patio seating may be provided.

    Hotels/apartment blocks

    Guests and employees wear a face mask in the accommodation. Guests are allowed to remove their face mask in their personal rooms (guest rooms). Food and drinks are only consumed while seated in the accommodation.

    A face mask must also be worn in these areas:

    • On public transport (bus, train, PostBus), at all railway stations and bus stops, and in airports
    • In indoor areas, including vehicles containing more than one person
    • Shops, banks and post offices
    • Healthcare institutions, doctors’ surgeries and publicly accessible areas of hospitals and care homes
    • Churches and religious institutions
    • Museums and libraries
    • Sports and recreational facilities, zoos and botanical gardens
    • Social institutions, advice centres and events rooms
    • For publicly accessible areas of public administration, such as social services, law courts and publicly accessible indoor areas, in which parliament or community meetings are held
    • Heavily frequently pedestrian areas

    More information about face masks in Switzerland

    What should be noted when visiting a restaurant?

    All restaurants (incl. cafés and bars) in the Canton of Graubünden, including those in ski resorts, remain closed until at least 22nd of March 2021. Restaurants connected to hotel establishments are excluded from this. However, these can only be visited by hotel guests. Further exceptions apply to takeaways, home deliveries and canteens.

    Many mountain restaurants in the ski resorts are offering takeaway options. No more patio seating may be provided.

    Are the shops open?

    All stores are open, including those with products of non-daily use. Regular opening hours apply. All stores and shopping centers are subject to capacity restrictions and mandatory mask wearing.

    Are hotels open?

    Yes, hotels are open, as well as restaurants in hotel establishments. However, these can only be visited by hotel guests. Wellness facilities and swimming pools in hotels are also only open to the hotel’s guests.

    Are recreational and sport facilities open?

    The outdoor areas of sports and leisure facilities, zoos and botanical gardens are open (tennis courts, soccer fields, golf courses, athletics stadiums). The outdoor areas of thermal baths and swimming pools may also be open in principle, please check with the respective bath. It is allowed to enter inside to get into the outdoor pool. The rest of the indoor pools are closed. Also reopened are museums and reading rooms of libraries. For all facilities, please wear mouth/nose protection, keep your distance, and observe capacity restrictions.

    Remain closed

    • Movie theaters
    • Theaters and concert halls
    • Club establishments
    • Casinos
    • and other same or similar places

    How many people are permitted in a holiday apartment?

    A maximum of five people can participate in events with family and friends. This naturally also includes joint holidays of all kinds. The 5-person rule thus also applies to holiday apartments. Parents with more than three children can stay in a holiday apartment if they also normally all live in the same household. “Three-generation families” (grandparents/parents/children) or patchwork families of more than five people can stay in the same holiday apartment if they also normally all live in the same household.

    It is recommended to keep social contact to a minimum. Private gatherings of up to a maximum of five people are permitted and should be limited to two households (recommendation). In public spaces, no spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 people are permitted.

    Can I hire skiing equipment?

    Yes, ski rental is allowed. The regular opening hours apply to sports stores.

    Are ski schools open?

    Yes, ski schools are open and are observing the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss Snowsports umbrella organisation. Protective measures have been implemented, such as markings on ski school assembly areas, no mixing of groups, staggering of award ceremonies and daily temperature measurements for employees. Please consult the ski school directly for information about the implemented protective measures.

    Are the tourist information desks open?

    Yes, tourist information desks are open. The regular opening hours apply.

    What happens to my cable railway subscription (annual, day or multi-day ticket) in the event of an oficially ordered closure?

    Please note the pandemic protection for the cable railways in Graubünden:

    Ski pass with pandemic protection

    What happens if my holiday in Graubünden needs to be cancelled because of COVID-19?

    You can usually get detailed information about this directly from the accommodation you have booked, the online booking platform that you used to place and pay for your booking, from your travel operator or, if applicable, from your travel insurance company.

    What do I do if I (suspect) have caught the virus?

    Take the symptoms seriously and follow the instructions on the “What to do in the event of symptoms of the disease” page from FOPH. This is the best way to protect yourself and others.

    Guests with symptoms should remain in their room/apartment wherever possible. People accompanying those guests do not have to quarantine until the test result has been received. They should, however, avoid the general areas of the hotel. To make this easier, it is recommended to leave food by the door for the guest and the other people in the same room/apartment.


    It is possible to depart in a private vehicle following consultation with Contact Tracing Graubünden. A return journey by public transport is only possible in consultation with Contact Tracing Graubünden.

    Quarantine and isolation: how does this work?


    COVID Care Team Graubünden

    T +41 81 257 88 10
    Mon to Sat from 8.00 am to 12.30 noon and 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm
    Sun from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm



    You can direct any questions about planning your holiday in Graubünden to

    Despite the greatest possible care, we cannot provide any guarantee of completeness and accuracy. The information from Graubünden Ferien in no way replaces official information channels or legal regulations. As the measures and the situation regarding travel warnings can change quickly, please also consult und

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