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Claudio Caluori's experiences with Danny MacAskill

How did Claudio Caluori experience the video shoot of «Home of Trails» with the Scottish superstar Danny MacAskill? What did he like most? In which spot did he need the most courage? And did anything go wrong? An experience report by Claudio Caluori, bike icon from Graubünden.

From Claudio Caluori

Day 1: Jump from the terrace

Danny and I start the video shoot completely exhausted from the Bike World Cup weekend in Lenzerheide. On the Rothorn at almost 3000 m above sea level, I come to realize that I will freeze in only a T-shirt. I therefore hope for warmer temperatures in the coming days. Yes, and I notice something else. Namely that I have to overcome my fears a few times during the filming in order to be able to remotely keep up with Danny. He really just bikes like crazy - not only in his stunts, but also on the first trail sections that we film from the Rothorn down to Lenzerheide. Speaking of trails: in addition to the filming we actually got to bike a lot during the entire shoot. A welcome surprise for me.

In the afternoon, one of the biggest stunts of the entire video is on the agenda. The jump from the terrace of Alp Fops. For this jump I really need to overcome my fears. Danny feels the same, except that he performs a much more difficult trick from the terrace railing than me, of course. Hats off! I notice during this shoot that the crew are fussy about every detail and the scenes aren’t filmed and wrapped up quickly.

On the Rothorn in Arosa Lenzerheide

Day 2: The most beautiful trail ride of my career

I discover one of the most beautiful trails I have ever ridden. The crazy thing: it’s literally on my doorstep so to speak! From the Vorab Glacier we head down to Flims on this amazing trail - just wow.

Sandwich break on the Vorab Glacier in Flims

Day 3: Holiday mood at Lake Cauma

This morning proves again: the film crew takes their time to get the settings perfect. But nobody minds with this great summer weather. We are happy to stay a little longer at Lake Cauma. A very beautiful place. In the evening we continue to Davos. And here I meet two other colleagues from the bike community, namely Richie Schley and Steffi Marth, who are also traveling in Graubünden. The two are always up for some fun.

Lake Cauma near Flims

Day 4: Many clouds and 12 stitches in the face

On today’s agenda is waiting – really long waiting. Clouds are fogging us in. Filming is impossible. This goes on for four hours. And when the sun finally shows up, I fall pretty hard on my face.  So, I’m off to the hospital.  And with that, the shooting on the Weissfluhgipfel is over. With 12 stitches in my face, I meet the team again in the afternoon at the Davos Wiesen train station. At sunset, we head up to the Jakobshorn to shoot more trail sequences. After the filming, there was a great dinner up there organized by the Hotel Spenglers. Absolutely top.

Grey in grey: Weissfluhjoch in Davos Klosters

Day 5: Faster than Danny MacAskill

On the fifth day of shooting it's literally time to hang out. A really funny scene in which I hang myself with my bike to the tail carrier of the post bus and overtake Danny, who is driving up the road on his bike. After that we do some biking and trail sequences again - on the Alps Epic Trail Davos. Everyone has a big smile on their face when we arrive in Sertig village. Next destination? Off to Scuol.

Wait, check emails, fool around

Day 6: «Action» at the stone bridge

The weather makes us wait again this morning.  When the first rays of sunshine come through, it’s finally time for «Action», - the favourite word of Stu, the film director. Danny and his crew want the scene on the beautiful stone bridge in Val Tasna to be prefect. We try many times - until the drone batteries are empty

Stone bridge in Val Tasna, Lower Engadin

Day 7: Take-off in Müstair

After Alp Fops in Lenzerheide, another difficult stunt is on the program for today: a front flip over a canopy roof at a house in Müstair. Danny has to pull himself together and really concentrate. After innumerable attempts with protective mats, he pulls it off and lands clean on the hard road. Yikes, I was almost as nervous as he was! We then continue up to Piz Nair near St. Moritz. We stay overnight at 3022 m above sea level - a huge experience for us all.

Funny evening with bike legend Richie Schley, who we coincidently met in Davos

Day 8: Filming with the mountain ibex

Danny feels the stunt from the day before in his bones and for the first time I am not the only one fighting with fatigue. The night was very short. At 5 o'clock in the morning we are already shooting great sequences at sunrise. After taking pictures of the ibex sculpture on Piz Nair, we are continuing filming on the Corviglia flow trails - until the drone crashes. Fortunately, the film crew has a replacement device.

Taken by the horns: Danny MacAskill on Piz Nair

Day 9: Batteries empty

Last day of shooting. And finally, another highlight. On the rocks in the riverbed of Cascata da Bernina, we film again until all batteries are empty - not just those of the drone. My conclusion: unbelievable. It took this project to make me realize that we actually have the best trails in the world in Graubünden. Maybe I'll try harder now to be home more often.

Riverbed of the Cascata da Bernina
Claudio Caluori
Claudio Caluori

Claudio Caluori, bike icon from Graubünden, creates pump tracks around the world with his company Velosolutions and is the manager of a downhill bike team. And - his preview rides for Redbull.TV on the World Cup downhill tracks are also legendary

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