Allegra, in Graubünden leisure activities are suspended. We would be happy to inspire you for a later trip.
Decisions of the Graubünden cantonal government
Allegra, in Graubünden leisure activities are suspended. We would be happy to inspire you for a later trip.
Decisions of the Graubünden cantonal government
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The Five Favorite Things to do in Graubünden by Blogger Checkoutsam

After many rewarding hikes and stunning train rides, I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful Graubünden region in Switzerland. Never have I seen such stunning and diverse nature in Europe before. There's a lot to see and do in Graubünden, but I – eventually – managed to pick out my absolute five favorite activities and sights in this enchanting region.

From Sam Van den Haute

The many bridges

Once I entered the Graubünden region, it immediately became clear that I would be crossing a lot of bridges. Unlike most places, where these concrete buildings are rather plain, it seems that here, these architectural feats are made by Mother Nature herself!

The high rising structures fit perfectly in the green and grey landscape and create an absolute masterpiece to look at. I couldn't help but think about the Harry Potter movies every time we drove over such a bridge. Magical and perhaps even more so if you watch them from afar. A great place to do that, is from the Landwasser Viaduct platform.

Another stunning bridge that I urge everyone to see is the Kreisviadukt Brusio. Trust me: this is a train ride that you'll never forget!

© Sam Van den Haute, Checkoutsam

The train ride between Pontresina and Alp Grüm

From Bergün, I took the Bernina Express all the way to Poschiavo. Although this whole drive is absolutely fantastic, my mind was blown away especially by the train ride between Pontresina and Alp Grüm.

While the red carriages slowly make their way up the green slopes of Graubünden, the landscape drastically changes. The cute villages make room for dramatic landscapes which are taken over by wild flowing rivers, sharp and snow-capped mountain ranges and fantastic green valleys where cows are treated like kings and queens.

The stunning colors of the lake that you'll pass will eventually lead you into Alp Grüm. Make sure to hop out of the train for a bit (you'll have a 15-minute break), because from here you get an excellent vantage points over the stunning Lago Palü.

© Sam Van den Haute, Checkoutsam

Taking the cable car to Diavolezza

On the way from Pontresina and Alp Grüm, I suggest you make a stop (or even better; return after your Bernina Express ride) at the Diavolezza station. From here you can take the cable car up until the 2973 meter high peak of this impressive mountain.

It's not only the Diavolezza which is impressive, perhaps the ride in the cable car is even more so. Make sure to look around in the glass cabin while you slowly are hoisted along the stunning scenery of Graubünden. From up so high, you'll get to see magical views as if you are an eagle soaring above.

Once you've reached the top, I suggest to check out the glacier, but also the other vantage points. This is absolutely one of the best things to do in Graubünden.

© Sam Van den Haute, Checkoutsam


We've had our fair share of nature and scenery by now, but that doesn't mean that villages in Graubünden are not worth some of your time.

Poschiavo is located very close to the Italian border, and that immediately becomes clear. The buildings have Italian influences and the food maybe even more so!

Poschiavo is not very big, but there's plenty to do to fill a few hours. Make sure to have lunch or dinner at the  Albrici à la Poste. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. If you plan to stay overnight, this is also a great hotel to consider. It truly oozes the history of Poshiavo and you'll get stunning views over the main square from in your room.

© Sam Van den Haute, Checkoutsam

The Palpuogna Lake

There are a lot of lakes in Graubünden, but only one can have the title of 'most beautiful lake in Switzerland'. The Lai da Palpuogna is a short hike away from the Preda train station. The green and blue lake is almost completely see-through and surrounded by fresh scenting woods.

It quickly became one of the most magical places in Graubünden for me.

Make sure to walk around all of the lake, because there are a lot of secret spots to discover.

© Sam Van den Haute, Checkoutsam
Sam Van den Haute
Sam Van den Haute

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