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Parc Ela is the largest nature park in Switzerland. It is located in a varied landscape at the Alpine passes of Albula, Julier and Septimer and offers unspoiled nature, intact Romanesque villages and an authentic living culture in the three languages Romansh, Italian and German. The communities all work together to strengthen the regional economy, to protect nature, the landscape and to preserve the cultural heritage.

Highlights in the Parc Ela

Forest in the Parc Ela
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In the footsteps of Giovanni Segantini

At the end of the 19th century, the famous painter Giovanni Segantini lived in Savognin. The spectacular alpine backdrop of Parc Ela and life in the mountains is what inspired some of his greatest masterpieces.

Follow in the footsteps of Giovanni Segantini

Destination Nature – travel by public transport and enjoy a nature experience in the parks of Graubünden

Travelling to the parks of Graubünden is straightforward, sustainable and full of spectacular views. With «Destination Nature» you can take advantage of special offers on the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), the Graubünden post bus or the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

Discover Special Offers of «Destination Nature»

Birds of prey excursion with Andreas Kofler

Birds and especially birds of prey have been fascinating the hiking guide Andreas Kofler since primary school. He shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for these kings of the sky on guided tours such as in Val Tuors, where nature lovers can even observe bearded vultures.

Out and about with Andreas Kofler

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