Greina-Lucomagno: Capanna Bovarina - Lukmanierpass

7.9 km
3:30 h
565 mhd
518 mhd
Capanna Bovarina
Capanna Bovarina

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Capanna Bovarina

On the third stage of the three-day tour through the Greina to the Lukmanier Pass, it goes from the Capanna Bovarina up to the Lukmanier Pass. A highlight of the stage is the magnificent view of the Valle Santa Maria with the pine and mountain pine forests and the moor landscapes of national importance.  From Hospezi Santa Maria, the Postbus can be taken to Olivone or Disentis. 

Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2435 m
Lowest Point  1871 m
Best Season
Capanna Bovarina, Valle di Blenio
Lukmanier Pass, Hospezi Santa Maria
46.56015, 8.888523



Stage 3: From Capanna Bovarina to Passo Lukmanier

A not too steep ascent, through alpine pastures past the Alpe di Bovarina, leads to the Passo di Gana Negra. On the pastures, the path is not consistently well marked and requires appropriate attention. Further up it runs on and next to a narrow band with rough wacke rocks. The highlight of this tour is undoubtedly the round boulders of black clay and limestone mica schist of the Coroi series (Jura) lying like a backdrop in the landscape. Weathered garnet inclusions are often found in it. These blocks come from mostly older rock falls from Pizzo del Corvo and are more or less weathered.

The highest point of the pass is not precisely defined in the map because the transition extends over a shallow hollow. The descent is first gentle, then steep through alpine pastures down to the Lukmanier Pass. Below Foppa di Negra you get a good insight into the Vallone di Casaccia with the bizarre dolomite and roughwacke formations. The view of the Valle Santa Maria with the pine and mountain pine forests and the moorlands of national importance is also magnificent. From Hospezi Santa Maria you can take the post bus to Olivone or Disentis. 

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More hiking suggestions from Capanna Bovarina: To Lago Retico, then Pass Cristallina - Stavel dil Laiets - Val Cristallina - Fuorns (Postbus stop).

Places to stay in Capanna Bovarina, Hospezi Santa Maria,


In uncertain weather conditions, the tour should not be started. Weather changes in the mountains are frequent. If a rain front or similar comes up during the hike, you should turn back in time.


Good hiking boots with a good profile, weather-adapted clothing (rain jacket/sun protection), change of clothes, first aid kit, drink, food, ev. Hiking poles.


Capanna Bovarina UTOE - Alpe di Bovarina - Passo di Gana Negra - Foppa di Negra - Lukmanier Pass


Public Transport

Return from Lukmanierpass: Postbus line 481 direction Disentis

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