Orte der Magie - Vattiz/Degen

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Schalensteine von Vattiz
Kapelle Sontgaclau, Vattiz

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Kapelle Sogn Vetger, Degen
The sacred landscape in and around the villages of Degen and Vattiz immediately catches the eye. In addition to their religious importance, the sacred buildings also have a great significance as places of power and cult.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 1/6
Highest Point  1257 m
Lowest Point  1084 m
Best Season
Vattiz, Postbus stop
Degen, Postbus stop
46.705936, 9.158735



In the Val Lumnezia you will find many natural, powerful places. The hike takes you from Kraftplatz to Kraftplatz. Perhaps you feel the different energy qualities or even find long-sought answers to certain questions.

From the Postbus stop, the road leads downhill to the fountain, where two shell stones (16th) and a millstone are walled in. South of it stands the octagonal chapel Sontgaclau e Sogn Valentin (17th). Through meadows and fields it goes down to Degen. On a hill on the edge of the village stands the small chapel Sogn Vetger (18th).  The parish church of Nossadunna (19th) and the rectory with the lovely garden form an oasis of peace. From the centre of the village, take the turnoff to the southern edge of the village. On the right you go to Crap Malèe, the Devil's Stone (22nd) which impresses with its black color. Back to the starting point, turn left to the Turatscha viewpoint (21st). 

16. During the widening of the road between 1970 and 1980, a grinding stone came to light. This has been integrated into the street wall together with two large shell stones. It is believed that the large shells of the two stones originally served as suspension devices for the axis of a water wheel. 

17. This octagonal, detached church with its hexagonal tower stands out architecturally from the other religious buildings of the Val Lumnezia due to its oval shape.

18. The powerful Sogn Vetger chapel was part of the parish of Fraissen and is located on a moraine threshold from the Ice Age.

19. The church with an almost dried up spring on the old place of worship is dedicated to Nossadunna, Our Lady Mary. Be inspired by the magic and power of the pre-Christian and Christian place of worship and the seven holy women and their symbols.

21. In the past, Degen was of regional transport and cultural importance for centuries. On this flat, elevated square with its grassy ruin once stood the ancestral castle of the episcopal ministeriales of Blumenthal, who controlled and secured the paths. 

22. The large boulder Crap Malèe, Devil's Stone, stands out with its black coloration, its apple shape and with intense, restorative energies. The limestone shell stone has a legendary past. 

In cooperation with Lumnezia Turissem, the Swiss Research Centre for Power Places has tested 66 special locations in the region and documented them in 12 hiking routes. Information about the routes can be found in the book "Places of Magic", which is available at the Vella tourist office.

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From Turatscha you can walk past the Crap dils Morts, down to the Glenner. Over a small bridge it goes to the alen connecting road to Uours and Surcasti. The descent is partly rope and is only suitable for sure-footed hikers. The whole slope can be perceived as an active slide zone. 

Refreshments: Vattiz, Sword (not always open)


Good hiking boots with good profile or trekking shoes, weather-adapted clothing (rain jacket), drink, ev. Hiking poles.


Vattiz - Sword


Public Transport

Postbus line 90.441 Ilanz - Vrin, stop Vattiz

Return: Postbus line 90.444 Degen - Vella and on with Postbus line 90.441 Ilanz - Vrin

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