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Hotels and Offers

If you want to breath in high altitude air, you will probably prefer one of the quaint, traditional Mountain Hotels; love birds, on the other hand, a cosy Romantic Hotel. For those with a fine nose for art and design, as well as sophisticates, the Boutique Hotels, small inns and stylish Design & Lifestyle Hotels provide the ideal surroundings. And those seeking relaxation are well taken care of in the luxurious Spa & Wellness Hotels. Of course the active sports visitors are accommodated, too: our Golf-, Mountainbike- and Sport Hotels are designed to perfectly meet the needs of our active holiday makers. Of course, Graubünden also has many Family hotels, a perfect fit for holidays with the kids - the Swiss Alps offering a wide variety of nature experiences. In a nutshell: Switzerland’s unique alpine world offers a top selection of hotel, catering to all visitors.

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