Graubünden Tourism


Diversity. Differentadad. Diversità. Terms that fit the land of 150 valleys and 615 lakes perfectly. And the three languages German, Romansh and Italian. It's the people of Graubünden who influence the largest holiday region of Switzerland. Embark on a journey of discovery and learn more about interesting personalities, culinary specialties or (still) unknown mountain villages.

«Chalandamarz» tradition – Here's where winter gets kicked out

On the 1st of March every year the traditional folk custom of Chalandamarz is celebrated, schoolchildren dressed in brightly coloured costumes parade through Graubünden’s towns and villages ringing bells to usher in the better half of the year.

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The Tessanda – where beauty is made

The Tessanda (from the Romansh «tesser» = weaving) in Val Müstair is one of the last large handlooms in Switzerland. Currently, two trainees are being introduced to the secrets of the weaving tradition.

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