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The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) appears as a red ribbon through Valposchiavo, a holiday region that stretches from the 2300 meter high Bernina pass, to the Val da Camp with the Lag da Saoseo – you are guaranteed an eventful stay. On the stations of the UNESCO World Heritage Track: From the Grüm Alp you can take a look into the valley and onto the glacier of Piz Palü. The glacier mills, known as «Pots of the Giants», in Cavaglia are right next to the train station and the circle viaduct gives these Alpine landscapes an unmistakeable architectonical touch.

Winter highlights in the Valposchiavo

  • UNESCO World Heritage Attraction: Albula Bernina

    Explore at leisure: A UNESCO World Heritage attraction, the Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway winds its way gently through the winter scenery of Valposchiavo. The circular viaduct of Brusio is a must-see.

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  • Pizzocheri – A Culinary Speciality

    Try pizzocheri, the speciality pasta from Valposchiavo. The ingredients include buckwheat flour, mountain cheese, chard and sage – and it tastes as good as it sounds. Buon appetito!

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  • Insiders’ Tip: Snowshoe Hikes in Cavaglia

    The high valley of Cavaglia is best discovered via a snowshoe hike. The most scenic route runs parallel to the UNESCO-certified Albula/Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway, in the direction of Alp Grüm.

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Summer highlights in the Valposchiavo

  • Grüm Alp

    At 2189 meters above sea level, restaurant Belvedere on the Grüm Alp features a wonderful view onto Valposchiavo and the Piz Palü. If you take the train, you should definitely stop off here.

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  • Lago di Saoseo

    Bluer than the sky: The Lago di Saoseo is situated right in the middle of the quiet natural reserve of Val di Campo, embedded at the bottom of the Scima de Saoseo. Perfect for hiking and biking.

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  • Brusio Circle Viaduct

    The Brusio Circle Viaduct sends the Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway in fascinating downwards spiral turns. A masterpiece of architecture, embedded harmoniously into the mountain range of the Valposchiavo.

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  • 100 % Valposchiavo

    96 percent of agricultural land in Valposchiavo is farmed in a bio-certified way. They are continuously expanding their assortment, creating the base for regional specialities such as Pizzoccheri.

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  • UNESCO World Heritage Albula Bernina

    Over gorges and passes: The Albula and Bernina sections of the Rhaetian Railway have been UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2008. This was awarded because of the way the tracks were laid at the Bernina Pass.

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