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Trail building? We've been doing this in Graubünden for centuries. After all, you can't weave a network of paths 17,000 kilometers long just overnight. And the good news for all bikers is: in Graubünden any path is a bike trail too – all of them are rideable. So come to the largest holiday region in Switzerland to experience an unforgettable biking holiday with a lot of flow and impressive mountain panoramas.

5 reasons to take your biking holiday in Graubünden

  • Endless trails

    Hiking Trail equals Bike Trail. The large network of paths in Graubünden equally open for bikers and hikers – 4,000 kilometers of marked mountain bike trails await you all. Enjoy together.

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  • graubündenBIKE hotels

    Bike garage and workshop. A hearty sportsman's breakfast. Laundry service. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic hoteliers. Enjoy the top service of our certified GraubündenBIKE hotels.

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  • Bike Transport

    There is a bike transport service with the Rhaetian Railway or the Graubünden Post bus: allowing you to plan your tour spontaneously. And in many regions, even the transport on the cable-cars is included.

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  • graubündenBIKE Guide

    If you don't want to have to make any decisions during the holidays, then you should put yourself in the hands of our certified Bike Guides – they'll be happy to give you all these great tips.

    Interview: Johannes Nidecker
  • Bike Parks

    Drop. Whip. North-Shore. Flow Trail. Gravity. Graubünden is a great big playground with an area of 7106 km2 and a lot of cool bike parks.

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The holidays are too short for boring descents. Mountain bikers who come to Graubünden enjoy spectacular scenery, unforgettable trails and customised deals.

Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori in Graubünden

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Our best 5 Bike Regions

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Trail Tales: exciting stories about selected bike tours

  • Crest da Tiarms

    Summer is finally here, or at least in our regions. And that's exactly why the summer is so special and needs to be enjoyed well. For example, with a bike tour on the Crest da Tiarms.

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  • Fürhörnli

    1,300m over the roofs of Graubünden’s capitol Chur, a summit register is waiting for the adventurous bikers entries. Add a detour over Chur’s mountain range to your lengthy tour and enjoy.

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  • Durannapass

    Who is behind the next bend? What is behind the next rock? Will the front wheel hold up or not? Not knowing what to expect is one of the beauties of biking. The tour over the Durannapass is a classic.

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  • Hahnensee-Trail

    We set off to the Engadine to ride a trail that deserves the name “epic” without any ifs and buts: the Hahnensee Trail.

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  • Fimberpass

    Many things in life are urgent. And for us, this was to get on our mountain bikes and ride across Fimberpass.

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  • Fuorcla Minor

    On a trail, there are all kinds of things in the way. Why are we mountain bikers attracted so much by obstacles? To find out, we travelled to the Engadine, to ride Fuorcla Minor.

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  • Piz Scalottas

    From every bike ride, we bring home photos, selfies and snapshots. These are the impressions we brought home from the trails of Piz Scalottas.

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  • Panoramaweg Davos

    Panorama, what is it actually about? Why does it attract us so much? In Davos Klosters, we set out to search for an answer – and we found awe inspiring views and a never-ending trail.

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  • Arosa–Weisshorn

    Recipe for a Broad Smile: Take a cable car. 160mm of suspension. 2200 vertical meters of downhill. And a visit in one of Grison‘s most beautiful villages.

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  • Alp Clünas

    Wellness? For mountain bikers, the quickest way to feel well is a singletrack. And on our ride to Alp Clünas, high above Scuol, we found our very own path to relaxation.

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  • San Romerio

    Sentiero – it‘s a place name that promises adventure. We read about it on a signpost in the Puschlav. And it captured us. The search for this mystic place took us to lonely singletrack and special places.

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  • Ducanfurgga

    No fence. No street. No house. Only a single trail in the midst of untouched nature. Episode 07 of Trail Tales takes us through one of the last pieces of wilderness and on a tour of epic length.

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  • Piz Umbrail

    A high-altitude post bus stop. A historic three thousand meter mountain. And at the very end - the smallest whiskey bar in the world. The tour to the Piz Umbrail in Val Müstair is exceptional.

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  • Dutjer Alp

    This tour is a real recommendation for those who like to explore new territories: while Flims-Laax on the other side of the valley should be known to most bikers, this side offers peace and quiet.

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Multi-day bike tours

A few days spent with only one thing in mind: mountain biking. Wake up, enjoy a hearty sports breakfast, get your jersey on, and set off biking through an impressive natural landscape. Be inspired by our multi-day bike tours.

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