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Touring: Discover Graubünden individually

Grand Tour of Switzerland, passes trip and UNESCO World Heritage Tour

Let yourself be surprised. Travel without annoying time plans. Gather lasting impressions. Use the opportunity to discover Graubünden in an individual way, on tours where it is the journey that is the destination, and where you decide where it is going. Set off in your own car or motorbike through Graubünden, from the spas in Bad Ragaz through the cosmopolitan Davos to the Swiss National Park and the peaks of St. Moritz and the Piz Beverin. Put your holiday on tour!

5 Reasons to tour through Graubünden

  • Gorges and peaks, palms and glaciers

    Get right up close and experience the variety of the Alps in the Swiss National Park and in Parc Ela, Switzerland’s biggest nature park.

    Discover the parks
  • UNESCO-World heritage in a triple-package

    The wild beauty of the tectonic arena of Sardona, the 1,200 year old convent of St Johann and the engineering marvel of the Bernina Express – all are a must see when embarking on a tour of Graubünden!

    Discover UNESCO
  • Historic mountain villages, preserved character

    All tours open up the original beauty of the places nestling in the alpine landscape. Just one example: Guarda, the award-winning Schellen-ursli village with its houses decorated with sgraffiti-murals.

    Discover mountain villages
  • Cuisine

    Tour by day, recharge in the evenings, in selected hotels or restaurants with top regional cuisine or just on the sun terraces of our mountain huts.

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  • Attractive side-trips

    The next summit is always nearby just as many things to see along the route. Nature-lovers enjoy undisturbed landscapes on a hiking tour.

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

Totally relaxed or with a view to getting there – a long tour through Switzerland gives you all the freedom a great holiday experience needs. Discover the country and people in four language areas. Drive in historical routes over Alpine passes and pass untouched nature in the Upper Engadin, in Davos Klosters or in the Viamala.

San Bernardino Pass

Discover our highlights along the Grand Tour of Switzerland

  • Heidiland

    The region of Heidiland stretches from the Walensee to the wine region «Bündner Herrschaft». It is known for its clean air, impressive mountains, personable hospitality the Heidi-legend.

    Discover Heidiland
  • Schellenursli village of Guarda

    The centre of Guarda's village is characterised by typical old Engadin houses with lots of murals and sgraffiti. The community was awarded the Wakker Prize for its exemplary preservation of the village image.

    Discover Guarda
  • Swiss National Park

    Everything in the Swiss National Park in Engadin is geared to nature – over more than 170 square kilometres. Magnificent hiking routes and insightful nature experience paths lead into an undisturbed wilderness.

    Discover National Park
  • UNESCO World heritage site St. Johann Convent

    The history of the monastery of St. Johann in Müstair stretches back more than 1,200 years. The monastery is still inhabited today by Benedictine nuns and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

    Discover St. Johann convent
  • Muottas Muragl

    The incomparably clear light, the broad valley with the three lakes, the majestic mountain panorama: From the excursion mountain of Muottas Muragl, Upper Engadin lies at your feet.

    Discover Muottas Muragl
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Rhaetian Railway

    The Albula and Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most spectacular routes in the world.

    Discover Bernina Express

Graubünden Passes Trip

The fastest way to happiness is sometimes a curve. Like for example, the approach to the Bernina Pass with its breath-taking gorges. The Graubünden passes trip combines selected sections of the Grand Tour of Switzerland with experiences of the heights and pure driving enjoyment. There is a total of nine passes to choose from, which can be conquered pleasantly in six stages.


Discover our highlights along the passes trip

  • Albula pass

    The Albula pass links the Albula valley with the Engadin. A drive in summer guarantees wonderful views, like into the rugged, weather-word Albula Gorge

    Discover Albula pass
  • Flüela pass

    A hairpin-rich road leads over the Flüela pass from Davos in the Landwasser valley to the Lower Engadin. At the top of the pass the view of the Flüela-Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn invite you to stay a while.

    Discover Fluela pass
  • Ofen pass

    A long gentle climb through the Swiss national Park on this tour leads you through thick, romantic forests up to the Ofen pass. On the top, the view into the Münster valley and the Vinschgau open up.

    Discover Ofen pass
  • Umbrail pass

    The Umbrail pass is Switzerland’s highest pass and makes the link to the Val Braulio. The pass is a rewarding, hairpin-rich adventure which opens up all the beauty of the Münster Valley to you.

    Discover Umbrail pass
  • Stelvio pass

    The Stilfserjoch is one of the most loved passes in the Alps. It is called the «Queen of the pass roads» and is Italy’s highest mountain pass.

    Discover Stelvio pass
  • Bernina pass

    You meet tour drivers with a head for heights on the Bernina Pass. Deep ravines and jagged rock monuments are at touching distance on this pass, which connects Engadin with the Puschlav and the Veltlin.

    Discover Bernina pass
  • Maloja pass

    The route from Engadin to Bergell via the Maloja pass joins two completely contrasting geographical areas: after the flat approach from the North, it is steep and winding down into Bergell and Soglio.

    Discover Maloja pass
  • Splügen pass

    The Splügen pass leads from the ancient region of Viamala with the ravine of the same name directly into Mediterranean life in the lively Italian town of Chiavenna.

    Discover Splügen pass
  • San Bernardino pass

    The hairpin-rich stretch from Thusis through the Viamala-Ravine is as varied as it is dramatic. The San Bernardino pass is one of the absolute highlights and is a neighbour of the Splügen pass.

    Discover San Bernardino pass
  • Lukmanier pass

    It doesn’t get any lower: If you want to cross the Swiss Alps at a height of below 2,000 m you have to use the Lukmanier pass.

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UNESCO World Heritage Tour

Relaxed on holiday? No problem, if we take over the transport. With the UNESCO World Heritage tour constructed with a lot of attention to detail, you will discover the particularly outstanding holiday-highlights in Graubünden with the Rhaetian Railway, the post bus and the mountain railways. In five days you can experience the geological wonder of the tectonic arena of Sardona, and journey back to the Middle Ages in the convent of St. Johann. Then there is the journey on the Albula-Bernina-Line, one of only three rail journeys with UNESCO World Heritage status.

Landwasser viaduct

Discover our highlights along the UNESCO World Heritage Tour

  • UNESCO World Heritage St. Johann Convent

    The history of the monastery of St. Johann in Müstair stretches back more than 1,200 years. The monastery is still inhabited today by Benedictine nuns and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

    Discover St. Johann convent
  • UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express

    The Albula and Bernina line of the Rhaetian railway is a UNSECO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the most spectacular routes in the world.

    Discover Bernina Express
  • UNESCO World Heritage tectonic arena in Sardona

    Marked serrations, sharp lines: This geologically unique mountain landscape became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008.

    Tectonic arena Sardona

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