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San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

The fortress of Mesocco

The fortress of Mesocco is perched on a imposing rock outcropping, rising steeply from the valley floor, the piece of land itself being surrounded by an impassable turn of the Moesa river below. The castle is thus protected on three sides and can only be reached from the North. At its base, you first pass the church of "Santa Maria del Castello", which was formerly located within the fortress walls. Once inside the impressive castle ruins, one primarily finds the defense structures built in the closing decades of the fifteenth century, which also mark the final years of the structure’s existence as a functioning castle. But in between we discover even far older building fragments that tell of a turbulent history, whose roots can be traced far back into the Middle Ages.

Bus line Chur - Bellinzona, bus stop Mesocco StazioneOn the A13, exit at either Mesocco Sud / Nord

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The fortress of Mesocco

6563 Mesocco

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Source: Ente Turistico Regionale del Moesano San Bernardino, Mesolcina, Calanca

San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

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