72 Prättigauer Höhenweg

83.9 km
25:00 h
2500 mhd
3800 mhd
Unterwegs auf dem Prättigauer Höhenweg
Unterwegs auf dem Prättigauer Höhenweg

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Prättigauer Höhenweg - das Schweizertor
The Prättigauer Höhenweg (high-level trail) is certainly worthy of the name: a hike along contours, on one side the sight of the Rätikon sandstone, on the other side changing views, wide and deep down. As a finale, pure summit pleasure on the Jägglischhorn.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2603 m
Lowest Point  517 m
Best Season

Start Landquart
Destination Monastery
Coordinates 46.966505, 9.554771


The Prättigauer Höhenweg (high-level trail) needs little introduction to hiking enthusiasts. They have all heard the names Schesaplana Hut and Carschina Hut, perhaps already climbed the Schesaplana (the name means «smooth stone») and noticed that the limestone rock on this mountain isn’t smooth, but crumbly, fissured and seen from the hut – dizzyingly steep. 

But the highlight route leads along the contours below the limestone cliffs of Schesaplana, Kirchlispitzen and Drusenfluh, letting you watch the climbers from a safe distance as they hang like woodpeckers on the hundreds of rock-climbing routes that criss-cross the Rätikon cliff faces. Not until the last stage does the hiker also get the chance to reach a summit cairn. And in return, the views from Jägglischhorn between St. Antönien and Klosters are that much more extensive, affording panoramic views of the entire Rätikon mountain chain.

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The hike can be simplify by public transport.





1st stage: After the picturesque Malans on a steep winding path up to the Fadärastein with a great deep view of the Chur Rhine Valley. Then contemplatively after Seewis i.P. insight into the Vorderprättigau. On field and forest road to Schesaplanahütte.

2nd stage: Well-developed and often walked high-altitude trail, with ever-changing insights and deep views of Prättigau. At the Drusator view of the Austrian side of the Rätikon. Panoramic location on the Carschinahütte.

3rd stage: From the Carschinahütte two-and-a-half-hour, easy descent to St. Antönien. View to the climbing rocks of the Rätikon. St.Antönien is an originally preserved Walser village and in winter a sought-after ski touring destination.

4th stage: After a long ascent over alpine roads and mountain paths up to the Jägglischhorn, the view sweeps over the entire Rätikon and the entire Prättigauer Höhenweg. Gentle descent over Matten, past picturesque stables to the mountain station of the Madrisabahn.

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