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Family Vacations

Graubünden: A 7,106 square kilometre large adventure playground for the whole family. Between alpine peaks and valleys, families can really let off some steam. Our vacation destinations and family offers are as diverse as your vacation desires.



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Stand-up paddleboarding in the Engadine
Water Sports
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Mountain Biking
Bär im Arosa Bärenland (Foto: © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN)
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Arosa Bear Land

The Arosa Bear Land gives bears rescued from poor conditions a home appropriate to their species. During a visit, you will learn exciting facts about bears.

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Valbella Inn Valbella Inn
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Just Feel Good.

Family Hotels

Children want action, but parents yearn for calm and relaxation during their holiday. Discover individual childcare services, loads of activities and child-friendly family rooms.

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Heidi and Peter on the Heidialp
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The most Famous Swiss Girl.

Heidi from the Swiss Alps

Johanna Spyri's worldwide bestseller «Heidi» has lost nothing of its magic to this day. Heidi symbolizes the values of home, truth and good deeds, and she has been doing this for 120 years.

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