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Bergloft Privà
The whole diversity of Graubünden can also be found in our range of holiday apartments. Stay at a winery or farm, in a holiday home or lodge. We accommodate guests in the Engadinerhaus and ensure that they spend pleasant hours in the chalet.
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Select, check, book – all in one step: make use of our booking platform and choose your dream accommodation in Graubünden from over 5000 holiday apartments.

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Special Holiday Apartments

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Biobergün (Foto: © Biobergün)
Holiday Apartment Bergün
Stylish Farm Holidays

Franziska Amstad and Riet Schmidt prove that holiday apartments on the farm can also be stylish. The fifth-generation organic farmers have built four modern holiday apartments in their old hay barn.

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Maiensäss Plausi im Prättigau
Holiday Apartment Buchen
Mountain Romanticism in the Maiensäss

Surrounded by nothing but meadows and woods, the Maiensäss Plausi stands in the peaceful mountain world of the Prättigau region. The hut has simple furnishings. A wood stove is used for heating and cooking.

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Tegia Alp Plaun (Foto: © miriweber.ch photography)
Holiday Apartment Laax
Where the Marmots Say Good Night to Each Other

High above Laax, on Alp Plaun at 1600 m above sea level, lies the holiday hut of the same name on the edge of the forest. The ski slope passes by the accommodation in winter and hiking trails in summer.

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Tiny House in Mathon (Foto: © Pensiun Laresch)
Holiday Apartment Mathon
Tiny House Made of Moon Wood

The moon wood comes from the forest next door, the stone from the valley and the wool from the alp. Great importance is attached to sustainability in the construction and operation of the Tiny House Laresch in the Beverin Nature Park.

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Casa Palü Stampa, Wohnzimmer (Copyright: Gataric Fotografie)
Holiday Apartment Stampa
Sleeping in a Listed Building

The “Ferien im Baudenkmal” (Vacations in a Listed Building) foundation takes over architectural monuments that have fallen into disrepair and are threatened with demolition and gives them a new lease of life as holiday homes. For example, the Casa Palü in Stampa.

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Holzhäuser in Vals (Foto: © Ralph Feiner)
Holiday Apartment Vals
Wooden Houses by the Star Architect

In Vals, Peter Zumthor built three lesser-known wooden houses in addition to the famous Therme 7132. They are located in the tiny settlement of Leis above the village and two of them are rented out as holiday apartments.

rocksresort in Laax (Foto: © Flims Laax Falera / Nicholas Iliano)
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Further Accommodation

Inexpensive and Comfortable.

Swiss Youth Hostels

Swiss Youth Hostels offer inexpensive overnight stays for young and young-at-heart guests. There are eight youth hostels in Graubünden. They are located in places like St. Moritz, Davos and Laax.

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Further Accommodation

From Rustic to Luxurious.


In Graubünden, a first-class hotel offer awaits you, with something to suit every guest’s taste.

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