Walser culture and untouched nature shapes Surselva, a holiday destination in the middle of a versatile alpine landscape. From the tundra landscape of Greina, a high plain in the South, the waterfalls of the Panixer Lake in the North, the rough Rhine Gorge to the quiet Safien valley.



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Skifahrer in Brigels (Foto: © Surselva Tourismus AG, Dani Ammann)
Ski Resorts

In total, 170 km of slopes and 23 complexes that you can discover in Obersaxen Mundaun, Val Lumnezia and Brigels-Waltensburg-Andiast – diversity for families and carvers.

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Solarskilift Tenna
The First Solar Ski Lift in the World

Sustainability in the winter holiday: in Tenna, you can find the first solar ski lift in the world. In three minutes, skiers are transported over a distance of 450 m, with 90.000 kWh of energy being generated.

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Kulinarische Winterwanderung durch die Val Lumnezia (Bild: Surselva Tourismus)
Winter Hiking in the Val Lumnezia

Walk through forests covered in deep snow, across sun-drenched clearings and past frozen streams. Cosy mountain restaurants and numerous benches along the way invite you to linger and soak up the sun.

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Der Glacier Express in der Rheinschlucht (Foto: © Rhätische Bahn / Stefan Schlumpf)
By Train through the Swiss Grand Canyon

Between Ilanz and Reichenau, the Rhine has carved a path through the rock over the course of 10,000 years. The result is a gorge that rightly bears the nickname "Swiss Grand Canyon".

Aussicht von der Bündner Rigi


Surselva Tourism

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