Four Valleys, Two Cultures.

Beverin Nature Park

Bergdorf Tenna
The Beverin Nature Park stretches around the Beverin peak (2‘998 m above seas level). The park is well known for its deep canyons, intact village scenery, crystal clear mountain lakes and its’ many churches decorating the landscape.



Legend trail of the Safien valley

During the 13th century, the first Walser settled in the Safien valley, a tale still testified today by the Safien stables and the numerous legends. Embark on an exciting search for traces of a bygone era.

Die Rofflaschlucht in der Region Viamala
Viamala and Roffla canyon

Steep inclines of up to 300 m depict the Viamala canyon as a rough beauty of nature, which can be explored through a 359 step stairway. The path through the Roffla canyon even leads behind a waterfall. 

Rhine Gorge (Photo: © Switzerland Tourism, Ivo Scholz)
Rhine Canyon

The Rhine Canyon between Reichenau and Ilanz offers many exhilarating attractions like river rafting between steep faces, canoeing and hiking. You can find unique views on the observation platform «Il Spir».

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Glacier Express in Graubünden

Destination Nature. Travel by public transport and enjoy a nature experience

Travelling to the parks of Graubünden is straightforward, sustainable and full of spectacular views. With «Destination Nature» you can take advantage of special offers.

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