Survey of the Grisons.

Facts and Figures

Graubünden is the largest region in Switzerland, making up 17.2 % of Switzerland’s total land area. Graubünden is also the most sparsely populated region with only 200'096 inhabitants – Switzerland has 8.6 million in total.
Area: 7105 km2
Woodland: 27.6 %
Population: 200'096 
Capital: Chur
Languages: German (73 %), Romansh (14 %), Italian (13 %)
Overnight stays: 5'153’155


Valleys: 150
Lakes: 1038
Mountain peaks: 937
Highest point: Piz Bernina at 4049 m above sea level
Lowest point: San Vittore (borders with Ticino) 279 m above sea level
Piz Bernina - Morteratsch Glacier (Photo: © Switzerland Tourism / Martin Mägli)

Sport and Activites

Hiking trails: 11'000 km
Bike trails: 4500 km
Golf courses: 15
Ski slopes: 2200 km
Cross-country skiing trails: 1700 km
Skiing in Disentis Sedrun (Photo: © Sedrun Disentis Tourismus / Stefan Schlumpf)

Important Phone Numbers

Police: Tel. 117
Fire department: Tel. 118
Ambulance/rescue: Tel. 144
Swiss Air Rescue REGA : Tel. 1414
Breakdown Service TCS Touring Club Switzerland: Tel. 140
Weather forecast: Tel. 162
Avalanche bulletin: Tel. 187
Road conditions: Tel. 163
General information: Tel. 1811
Rhine Gorge (Photo: © Switzerland Tourism, Ivo Scholz)
Steinböcke Gian und Giachen (Bild: © Graubünden Ferien / Jung von Matt) Steinböcke Gian und Giachen (Bild: © Graubünden Ferien / Jung von Matt)
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Useful Information about Graubünden.

Frequently Asked Questions

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