Parc da natüra.

Biosfera Val Müstair

The Biosfera Val Müstair is a regional nature park of national importance and, together with the Swiss National Park and parts of the municipality of Scuol, forms the first high-alpine UNESCO biosphere reserve in Switzerland.
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Handweberei Tessanda Val Mustair (© Nico Schärer)

Programmvorschlag. 48 Stunden in der Biosfera Val Müstair

Die Natur kommt hier als Schnaps in die Flasche, Brot wird aus lokalem Korn gebacken und Stoffe stellt man wie anno dazumal her.

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Monastery St. Johann
UNESCO World Heritage Monastery St. Johann

The Benedictine monastery of St. Johann in Müstair houses the largest and best preserved fresco cycle of the early Middle Ages and the monastery museum brings the 1200-year history of the monastery to life.

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Am Ufer
A la riva dal Rom

Discover the Rom, one of Switzerland's most beautiful main valley rivers. No power station hinders its course, its magnificent floodplains are untouched and river basin widenings have given it back its natural course.

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Muglin Mall
Muglin Mall

The Muglin Mall is home to the oldest functioning mill in Switzerland. Even today, the undershot strauber wheels drive the mill and stamp.

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