The Recipe for the Perfect Holiday.


Heimeli Sapün (Foto: © Graubünden Ferien / Andrea Badrutt)
Four ingredients make a gourmet holiday in Graubünden special: the regional cuisine from three language areas, the unmatched mountain scenery, the large variety of events encompassing everything from winter hiking to skiing, and the warm hospitality. In Graubünden, you’ll experience the highest standards of pure enjoyment.
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Rebecca Clopath (Bild: Claudia Link)

Outstanding Cuisine. «Natural Chef» Rebecca Clopath

Rebecca Clopath, who became a chef by the age of 25, is highly praised throughout the country as a «natural chef». 

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Martin «Floh» Bienerth (Foto: © Graubünden Ferien / Stefan Schlumpf)

The Cheese Maker with Poetry in his Blood. Martin Bienerth

In the Andeer alpine dairy, Martin Bienerth, Maria Meyer and their team process about 400,000 litres of milk from five family farms per year. 

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Herbal tea King Raselli from the Valposchiavo, Grisons
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Local Products.

100 % Valposchiavo

Over 90 % of the agricultural land in Valposchiavo – a southern valley of Graubünden - is cultivated by certified organic farms.

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