Art and Culture

In view of 150 valleys, three linguistic regions and a long history, it's not surprising that Graubünden has developed a very diversified culture over the centuries. Embark on a cultural journey of discovery through the Swiss mountains.
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10 Recommended Tips.

Cultural Highlights

Graubünden surprises you – with lots of culture. The region offers something for every taste from A for ancient town of Chur to Z for Zillis Church.

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Summer 2022

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Light Ragaz

Light Ragaz returns to the Tamina Gorge from May to October 2022 with a new show and touching storytelling. The light spectacle tells a story about happiness.

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Val Bregaglia
Biennale Bregaglia

The Biennale Bregaglia 2022 is dedicated to connecting the villages of Bergell. The venue for the 2nd edition of the Bregaglia Biennale is the village of Vicosoprano.

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Art Safiental

For the fourth time, the international open-air exhibition on the latest trends in landscape and environmental art will take place in the Safiental in summer 2022.

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From Historical to Modern.

The 10 Most Beautiful Architectural Treasures

Architectural photographer and Instagrammer Dominik Gehl reveals which ten buildings in Graubünden are particularly impressive and photogenic.

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