Art and Culture

Segantini Museum in St. Moritz (Foto: © Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus / Filip Zuan)
In view of 150 valleys, three linguistic regions and a long history, it's not surprising that Graubünden has developed a very diversified culture over the centuries. Embark on a cultural journey of discovery through the Swiss mountains.
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10 Recommended Tips.

Cultural Highlights

Graubünden surprises you – with lots of culture. The region offers something for every taste from A for ancient town of Chur to Z for Zillis Church.

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Therme Vals

Made from Wood & Stone. Alpine Architecture in Vals and the Surselva

Dominik Gehl goes in search of traces of the great Swiss architects. His journey brings him to Vals and the Surselva.

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Rock Church Cazis (© Dominik Gehl)
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From Historical to Modern.

The 10 Most Beautiful Architectural Treasures

Architectural photographer and Instagrammer Dominik Gehl reveals which ten buildings in Graubünden are particularly impressive and photogenic.

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Art museum in Chur
Graubünden Art Museum in Chur
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Segantini Museum (Foto: © Marco Hartmann, Graubünden Ferien)
Segantini Museum in St. Moritz
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Kirchner museum
Kirchner Museum in Davos