The Oldest National Park in the Alps.

Swiss National Park

Historischer Schweizerischer Nationalpark
The Swiss National Park lies in Engadin/Münstertal and is Switzerland’s largest nature reserve. It was the first national park in the Alps and Central Europe, it is known for its abundance of Alpine animals and Alpine plants in a barely touched pristine landscape.



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45 National Park Panorama Trail

The National Park Panorama Trail crosses one of the most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes in the Alps. Highlights amongst many include: the Val d’Uina Gorge and the Müstair Monastery.

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National Park Centre, Zernez

This modern information centre offers a wide range of exhibits, information points and shopping year-round. And with the audio guide you can discover the wonders of the Swiss National Park in a whole new light.

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Animals in the Swiss National Park
Discover Graubünden’s animal kingdom with sightings of bearded vultures, red deer and much more

The Swiss National Park is considered an Eldorado for animal watchers. Thanks to the high conservation status, animals are less shy than in other places and wander around in open spaces even during daytime.

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Schweizerischer Nationalpark (Bild: Transhelvetica)

48 Hours in the Swiss National Park

The nature is not the only one who benefits from the strict rules; the guest also gets to enjoy the beauty of it.
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Fadri Bott
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With and for Nature.

Out and About with the Park Ranger

What is it like to work in the country’s most beautiful nature reserve? An insight into a surprisingly varied job with and for nature.

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Glacier Express in Graubünden

Destination Nature. Travel by public transport and enjoy a nature experience

Travelling to the parks of Graubünden is straightforward, sustainable and full of spectacular views. With «Destination Nature» you can take advantage of special offers.

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Swiss National Park App

App. Swiss National Park

Explore the Swiss National Park with the digital hiking guide, iWebPark. The app will lead you through the park with detailed maps, information and stories.
iWebPark for iPad and iPhone