The Oldest National Park in the Alps.

Swiss National Park

Historischer Schweizerischer Nationalpark
The Swiss National Park is a wilderness landscape in the Engadine Dolomites that has been untouched by man for 100 years. It is known for its unique flora and fauna, which can be explored on the 80 km network of hiking trails.
Karte Schweizerischer Nationalpark
Wandern im Nationalpark
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Programme proposal

To Be Nature’s Guest.

48 Hours in the Swiss National Park

Nature has priority in the Swiss National Park. The nature is not the only one who benefits from the strict rules; the guest also gets to enjoy the beauty of it.

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Destination Nature

The Destination Nature offers enable you to travel in an environmentally friendly and relaxed way. With the Rhaetian Railway and PostBus you can reach the desired starting point for your nature experience in our parks.