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If you want to breath in high altitude air, you will probably prefer one of the quaint, traditional Mountain Hotels. And those seeking relaxation are well taken care of in the luxurious Spa & Wellness Hotels. Of course the active sports visitors are accommodated, too: our Golf-, Mountainbike- and Sport Hotels are designed to perfectly meet the needs of our active holiday makers.
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Overview. Hotels in Graubünden

On our booking platform you will find a large selection of hotels in Graubünden.



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Aussicht vom Hotel.
Mountain Hotels

Relaxation in higher realms: As a guest at the alpine hotels of Graubünden you’ll reside away from the hustle and bustle of life, tucked into the fascinating mountain world. 

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Boutique Hotels

Guests who want stylish interiors, personal services and individually designed rooms and suites in the mountains, will find an ideal holiday environment in one of the elegant boutique hotels.

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Design and Lifestyle Hotels

Graubünden is all about appreciating the beauty and majesty of Alpine nature. The unique look and feel of our Design and Lifestyle Hotels add to the aesthetics of your holiday experience. 

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Children play at the Valbella Inn (Photo: © Valbella Inn)
Family Hotels

Individual childcare services, loads of holiday activities and child-friendly family rooms ensure that relaxation for the parents does not fall by the wayside at the family hotels in Graubünden.

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Small and Cozy Accommodation

Cozy, warm, lovable: Everywhere in Graubünden you will find Small and Fine Accommodation with individual charm that are equally connected to tradition.

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Mountain Bike Hotels

As mountainbikers have special holiday accommodation needs they greatly appreciate the snug comfort to be found at each bike hotel. These hotels are located along bike routes and trails.

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Chesa Salis (Foto: © Switzerland Tourism/BAFU / Gian Marco Castelberg und Maurice Haas)
Romantic Hotels

As diverse as Graubünden’s landscape: in the Swiss No 1 holiday destination, visitors enjoy a wide selection of choices. Hotels of every type are available to choose from.

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Mobilchalet Uffer (Savognin Bivio Albula AG)
Hiking Hotels

We love mountains. And we love hiking. We are the hosts of the Hiking Hotels in Graubünden. We want to share our passion with you.

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Kulm Hotel St. Moritz (© Graubünden Ferien / Stefan Schlumpf)
Wellness Hotels

Graubünden's Wellness Hotels have the goal to bring all senses in line so that you can enjoy the harmony: soothing steam baths, relaxing sauna, baths. Book now.

Hall in the Bergün Spa Hotel (Photo: © Kurhaus Bergün / Gian Marco Castelberg)
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The Swiss Heritage Society Recommends.

10 Historic Hotels

An Art Nouveau house with its ladies' salon, a Palazzo with its magnificent gardens or a rebuilt hotel from the Belle Époque.

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