Lake Viamala


The standard equipment on Via Capricorn includes good footwear, a drinking bottle and a warm jacket for higher areas, but above all: a field engraver. At the latest after the steep ascent from the Alp Biggenmad up to the Alperschälli, the field engraver is at hand. This is where the ibex can be observed particularly often.


On the way – most of the ascent to the Farcletta digl Lai Grand (2659 m above sea level.M.) is done – the view glides over the Alperschälli-Seeli. One could infamously dismiss the small, clear Seeli as a puddle, it did not present itself as an enchanting splash of colour in the middle of the barren, stony landscape. And it's in a welcome place, because you want to pause here. Sitting on a stone – no, the Seeli, which is fed by meltwater, is too frosty for a bath – you now get delicious treats from your backpack. Yes, these are also part of the standard equipment. Finally, during a picnic, you enjoy the emerging awareness that you are completely alone in the middle of the mountains. alone? Maybe yes. Or isn't it? Because it is quite possible that there will be an encounter with the Capricorn, the king of the Alps.


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