Castle San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

Castello di Mesocco

The ruins of the Castle of Mesocco rise on the top of an imposing rocky hill that rises steeply from the valley floor.


This imposing fortress stands in the center of the valley, forcing the Moesa river to make a wide bend in a narrow impassable gorge, which only to the west leaves a narrow passage free. The Castle of Mesocco is protected on three sides by steep rocky walls. Only to the northeast, from the side of the valley facing upstream, the slope descends more gently. If you go up to the castle from the north side along the ancient access road you first arrive at the church of Santa Maria del Castello and you are already on the grounds of the castle, once surrounded by a fortified wall. The impressive ruins are formed mainly by the ruins of the defense works erected in the last decades of the fifteenth century, that is, in the last period of life of the castle. Among these you can also recognize numerous ruins dating back to previous eras so that the current appearance of the castle reveals all its eventful history that has its roots in the early Middle Ages.


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