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Evangelische alte Pfarrkirche St. Martin, Ilanz

Pfarrkirche St. Martin Ilanz
At the top of the mountain, decorated with a red onion roof, the tower of the church of Luven can be seen. Below, hidden among the trees, lies the old Ilanzer parish church of St. Martin on Lugnezerstrasse. The church is not open to the public.

Evangelische alte Pfarrkirche St. Martin, Ilanz

7130 Ilanz


First mentioned in the will of Bishop Tello in 765. In the Carolingian Imperial Guturbar of about 840 it appears as a royal property with the right of tithing. In the indulgence letter of 1300 it is described as decayed. In 1460 and 1465, indulgences were granted in favor of the Marian altar of St. Martin's Church, which had its own chaplaincy, and the Local Brotherhood of Our Lady. Rededication with four altars in 1500. Until the Reformation, St. Martin remained a parish church with its own cemetery.

Parish Church of St. Martin in the Reformation period

Until around 1520, the inhabitants of Ilanz, Strada, Flond and Luven went to church in St. Martin. When in 1520 the church of St. Margarethen became a parish church, the neighbors from Luven felt the way to the clergy was too long, and they applied for their own pastor. They also state that the parish priest in Ilanz preaches on German, which makes the Word of God incomprehensible.


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