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FiliTour Nr. 9: Chesa Jakob Schutz

Häuserreihe mit der Chesa Jakob Schutz.
Chesa Jakob Schutz

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der Drache schützt vor Unwettern und hält Dämonen fern.
FiliTour No. 9: Chesa Jakob Schutz


Protection against demolition by phone

In the 1960s, a hotelier from Flims wanted to buy the house in order to demolish it. He had his sights set on the 1667 buffet, richly decorated with friezes and inlays, which he wanted to install in his hotel. The mayor of Filisur at the time, Jakob Schutz, knew how to prevent the demolition. He called the head of the Justice and Police Department, who immediately listed the house. The hotelier was annoyed and made it a condition that he would only buy the house if he was allowed to demolish the stable.  This was allowed and so he could at least use the stable beams for the hotel construction in Flims.

In 1965, the architect von Senger from La Punt bought the house. He renovated it and offered it for sale to Jakob Schutz. He did not hesitate for long and bought the house he had saved. Since then, it has been owned by the Schutz family.

Nursery Protection Filisur

Father Jakob Schutz senior came to Filisur in 1898 as a simple gardener to take care of the gardens for the better-off families. This was the laying of the foundation stone for today's Schutz nursery, which also breeds the Engadine hanging elk, among other things.

In the audio, Christian Schutz, one of today's company patrons, explains how the successful family business came into being. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.  


FiliTour Nr. 9: Chesa Jakob Schutz

Dorfstrasse 56, 7477 Filisur

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