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Graubünden Rütli

Bündner Rütli
More rights, more security and more autonomy vis-à-vis the authorities: this was what people in today's Graubünden wanted in the 15th century.


For this reason, three alliances were formed: the Grey League was formed in the Surselva, the League of Ten Courts in the Prättigau/Davos area, and the League of Houses of God was formed in the Engadine, Oberhalbstein, Avers and in the Graubünden dominion.Legend has it that these three leagues joined together in 1471 – in Vazerol. According to legend, the three original Swiss cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden had already done something similar: they are said to have founded the Swiss Confederation on the Rütli on Lake Lucerne. Vazerol is therefore referred to as "Graubünden Rütli". With the unification of the three leagues in 1471, the Free State of the Three Leagues is said to have come into being; the predecessor state of today's Graubünden. This legendary event is commemorated by an obelisk on Vazerolplatz in Chur, and a memorial stone stands in Vazerol itself.

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Graubünden Rütli

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