Chapel Viamala

Kapelle St. Albin

Kappelle St. Albin
Kappelle St. Albin

The Chapel of St. Albin is located on the Veia Traversina hiking trail between Sils i. D. and the Viamala Gorge Visitor Center.


The most challenging section through the Viamala Gorge was once marked by two religious buildings: in the north by the chapel of St. Albin (first mentioned in the 12th century), which is still preserved as a ruin, in the south by the completely abandoned chapel of St. Ambriesch (first mentioned around 1209). The only pictorial representation of Sankt Ambriesch comes from the Dutch painter Jan Hackaert, but it shows the chapel only as a ruin in 1655. The chapel of St. Albin, on the other hand, still has remains of a stitch-cap cross vault above the choir, which suggests an early, perhaps even late Roman-early medieval construction period. Once upon a time, at the end of the Maiensässes Carschenna, there may also have been a rest area.

The chapel is freely accessible. Please protect the meadow at the chapel!


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