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Kapelle St. Jakob / S. Giacun, Brigels

Das Foto zeigt die Kapelle von St. Jakob von der Strasse aus
Das Foto zeigt die Kapelle St. Jakob vom Eingang aus in Winterstimmung

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Das Foto zeigt die Kapelle St. Jakob von Innen

To the west of the village, with a Baroque altar by the great Valais Jodok Ritz, the delicate chapel dedicated to St. James the Elder.


History: The chapel was built in 1514 and consecrated on 16 June 1515. In 1697 an extension to the west took place.

Building description: The chapel is a geostatic, three-sided completed building without an architecturally precluded sanctuary. A two-part pointed arch window with simple, late Gothic tracery. In the final wall a bricked oculus. In the south side a device table with Gothic chamfer. Door frame made of tuff shows Gothic chamfers. Uniformly shingled gable roof with open roof rider under octagonal pointed helmet.

Wall paintings: On the north wall of the older part a crucifixion group. All paintings in this chapel date from around 1514.

Equipment: Simple, two-column early Baroque altar. Altarpiece with St. James, signed around 1681. The ornamentation stands at the transition from Régence to Rococo, around 1750.

Bell: Without inscription; 1515.

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