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Kapelle St. Maria Magdalena

Kapelle St. Maria Magdalena im Frühling
Kapelle St. Maria Magdalena im Frühling

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Kapelle St. Maria Magdalena im Herbst
The chapel of St. Mary Magdalene stands on a hilltop above the hamlet of Dusch in Paspels with murals by the Waltenburg master.


Originally, St. Mary Magdalene was a branch of the parish church of St. Lorenz in Paspels. When the chapel, a simple geostatic hall church with a retracted apse, was built is unclear; However, it is certain that it is of Romanesque origin. The chapel and the Dusch farm belonged to the possessions of the Barons of Vaz in the 13th century and were donated to the Premonstratensian monastery of Churwalden. In the Churwalden Urbar of 1508, the chapel is mentioned for the first time in a document: «Sequitur unsers gotzhus zins von den gutern, die gehorend den zwayen capellen Sant Lorentzen und Sant Maria Magdalena in Tumilser kirchspel gelegen die mirsamt iren zehenden, zinsen und gutern unserer gotzhus aygen sind". They are not listed in the papal confirmations of the monastery's possessions of 1208; when the handover to Churwalden Abbey took place is uncertain. After the Reformation in the 16th century, the chapel initially stood unused until it was handed over to the Catholic parish of Paspels by Churwalden Abbey in 1786.


Public Transport

Paspels can be reached by PostBus. On foot, the chapel is about 30 minutes from the bus stop Paspels, village. For more information, see the SBB timetable.


Plan your journey with the Google route planner.


Maintenance of the chapel is limited parking.


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