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Pfad der Pioniere 07: Naturwaldreservat

Pfad der Pioniere 07: Naturwaldreservat
Path of the Pioneers 07: Natural Forest Reserve


The different slope orientations and rock subsoils, but also the interventions of humans, have led to a mosaic of different forest types around Crap Furò. The diverse forest is protected as a natural forest reserve. On an area of 120 hectares, no trees have been felled since 2008. This allows the forest to develop undisturbed. This benefits plants and animals that do not find ideal living conditions in a managed forest. At the same time, research is being conducted into how a natural forest develops when humans do not intervene.

There are other natural forest reserves in Parc Ela: La Niva above Savognin and Val Faller near Mulegns. In addition, there are special forest reserves with specific protection objectives. In the Albula Valley, for example, there is a special forest reserve for the protection of the endangered capercaillie, which requires patchy, richly structured coniferous forests with many dwarf shrubs. You can find out more about this on the large information boards along the way.


Pfad der Pioniere 07: Naturwaldreservat

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